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Update Date: [2022-09-20]

Publication Effect of the Chick's Immunity by Aflatoxin



AHRI report No.13


Effect of the Chick's Immunity by Aflatoxin 

Department Taiwan Animal Health Research Institute
Author N.J. L.i; CY. Lin; CS. Cheng; Y.L. Lee

Young male Leghorn Chicken were given feed Contang 0.5 ppm Aflaxin El and Aflnin free. both group were given N. D and Infectious Coryza Vaccination the N. D. Hl titer and Infectious Coryza Hl titer of Aflatoxin Contained  group were lower than  these of Aflatoxin group.

In spite of the same feeding management, battery disease was happened in Aflatoxin group while the  control group were nothappened.


Aflatoxin; Chick's Immunity; Coryza


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