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Update Date: [2020-08-19]

Publication An Outbreak of Vesicular Stomatitis in Swine at Kaoshung Quarantine Station

NO.: 16
Reportno. AHRl report No.16
Topic An Outbreak of Vesicular Stomatitis in Swine at Kaoshung Quarantine Station
Department Taiwan Animal Health Research lnstitut
Author S.S. Lai CS. Chen; W.CHo; T.H. Huang

Three hundred pigs were shipei by air cargo from Sweden to Kaohsiung, Taiwan in early of AiL 1979. Two sto6, Sawii Arabia and Hong Kong were landed Lefore anNing Kaoshiung. The sows arrived Kaoshiung airport in the early morning of April 5, and were immaliaely sent to the Kaoshiung Quarantine Station by ca-n trucks. The pigs were normal on the day of arrival. However, some pigs showerl lameness taause of vesicular lesions ontheirca-onaryltds. Mild fever reaction (40.St) was also noticed in thcGe pigs. On April 11, more than one third of pigs showed lameness, vesicular lesions were found around coronary bands, dewclaws and root of feet.

Unusual salivation was also noti. Causative agent was not isolaal from vesicular tissnes, saliva and feces collection April 16,19 and 21. and 21, However, a significant seroconversion against vesicular stomatitis virus, New Jersey Strain was found in pair serum samples colleted from the acuta and convalescent sges. Therefore, the outlxeak of the quarantine pigs was serologically proved to If vesicular stornatitis. Some pigs were also detected to have low titar of antibody against ste vesicular disease, which might If marnal antibody or induced by previous infection. Foot and mouth disease antibody was not deetl in 42 serum samples sent to Plum Island Animal Disease (nter, in USA).

Keyword Kac6hung; Vesicular Stomatitis ; Swine

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