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Update Date: [2022-12-02]


The WOAH Reference Laboratory for classical swine fever (CSF) of Animal Health Research Institute, Council of Agriculture, Executive Yuan was designated by WOAH in May, 2017.

The reference laboratory for CSF serves as the national reference laboratory for the diagnosis of CSF in Taiwan. The reference laboratory provides diagnosis service to local animal disease control centers in Taiwan and WOAH member countries. In addition, the reference laboratory provides scientific and technical support, assistance and advice to WOAH Member Countries. The activities of the reference laboratory are performed research projects and participated in international scientific collaboration with other laboratories. The laboratory is accredited under ISO/IEC 17025 by the Taiwan Accreditation Foundation (TAF).


The Main Activities

?   Diagnosis and Service to WOAH Member Countries

?   Collaborate with other CSF WOAH Reference Laboratories on scientific research projects

?   Network with WOAH Reference Laboratories by participating in proficiency tests

?   Participate in scientific meetings on behalf of the WOAH

?   Place expert consultants at the disposal of the WOAH


Service Items

?   Virus Isolation


?   Sequences Analysis

?   Virus Neutralization Test


Exotic Animal Disease Laboratory

Exotic Animal Disease Laboratory

WOAH Reference Laboratory for Classical Swine Fever

WOAH Reference Laboratory for Classical Swine Fever






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