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Update Date: [2020-08-19]

Publication Studies on The Improvement of Application and Production of Bovine Tuberculin

NO.: 15

AHRI report No.15


Studies on The Improvement of Application and Production of Bovine Tuberculin


1.Taiwan Animal Health Research Institute
2.Council for Agricultural Planning and Development, Executive Yuan 3.Visiting Associate professor ofNational Taiwan University


Y.S.Wul HappyK.Shiehl C.Chenl J.S.Lail CC.Lul ; C.H. Author Wang ; KY. Kao 1; Y.S.Lul SS.Chenl ; F.M. Wu2; P. HUMMEL3 P. HUMMEL3


The sensitive pogency of tub erculin prepared from Vaflee strain of Germany-origin (Jaiwan-vaflee tubeculin) and Japanese strains (Lot # 39) routinely used in this laboratory were compared with that of German-made tuberculinin sensitized guineapigs afterpassingthe foflowingtests; sterility, safety, nonirritation and nonsensitization tests. Higher concentraton of tuberculin, more than 50,000 lU/mi, was obtained by using modified Europan mcdia for cultivation than using ciassical Sauton media.

Three kinds of tuberculin, lot #39, Taiwan-Vaflee and Gemiany-Vallee tuberculins were intradermallyinjectedinto the different sites of cervical area of 277 heads of daily cow at farms in Tainan and and Chia-Yi counties, However, simultaneously lot #39 tuberculin was additionally applied to the Caudal fdd as routine T. B. examination.

Seventy-three of the 277 heads of cow were positive inthe tuberculin test as determined by European standard (more than2 mm swelling). Among the 73 heads, only one cow was positive as determined by classical standard (more than 5 mm swelling). The results ofpathological examination, including gross and microscopic lesions, indicated that 29 out of the 73 tuberculin positive reactors had T. B. lesions. Twenty-five out of the 29 6.2%) were in Germany- Vance tuberculin test, whereas only 69% (20/29) inthe other two tests.


Bovine Tuberculin; ciassical Sauton sensitive pogency

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