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Update Date: [2020-08-19]

Publication Effects of Aflatoxins on the Immunity to Lapinized Pig Cholera (LPC) Vaccine

NO.: 15

AHRI report No.15


Effects of Aflatoxins on the Immunity to Lapinized Pig Cholera (LPC) Vaccine


Taiwan Animal Health Research Institute


PP. Liu ;NJ. Li ;CS. (Then


Foi,rtn field pigs, aged 10 wks, were divided into 3 group. The first grou containing 6 pigs, was fed a normal diet and vaccinated with lapinized pig cholera 0.PQ vaccine, The snd grou containing 6 pigs, was fed aflatoxin mixed diet and vaccinated with LFC vaccine. The third grou containing 2 pigs, was fed normal diet with-out vaccination, The pigs in the snd group fed 1.2 Trig aflatoxins per head per day, asxording to the feds intake, the toxin was incorpcvratl in the diet at levels of abut 1(IX)ppb. Three days aftr the start of theaflatoxinfeding, the pigs were injced with LPC vaccine. Twelve days after vaccination, all the pigs were challenged with AU) virulent hog cholera virus with concentration of 1(0) MU).

The clinical signs, hernatcchemisfry, tit of hog cholera neuixalizing antibcdies, delayed hypersensitivity tust to tultrculin, and histopathology studies were performed in the esentresearchinordertofmdouttheeffs ofaflztoxinontheimmunitytotheLPC vaccine, There were no significant difference in the bcdy weight gain, clinical reaction after challenge, serum transaminase activities, serum total jxotin and ektophoxetic fractions of the fed toxin pigs comparing with the pigs fed with normal diet but the pigs fed toxin showed sukclinical hepatoxic reaction, Thelowlevelofserunr-globulin (P<0.01)atthe3rddayafterthestartoftheafflatoxin feding and the inert antibodies induction (P<OXO1)after challenge of the pigs fed with toxin, itissu gesnlthattheimmw tysystalredeessedrnoreorkss byaflatoxins


Aflatoxin ; Lapinized Pig Cholera ; LPC

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