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Update Date: [2020-08-18]

Publication Studies on the Microbiological Assay of Specific Pathogen- Free Pigs

NO.: 7

AHRI report No.07


Studies on the Microbiological Assay of Specific Pathogen- Free Pigs

Department Taiwan Animal Health Research Institute
Author H.S. Yang;T.C. Lin;Y.P. Liii

With the e:piipment and circumstance in this stisate, the late pregnant healthy sows were operated by hyserettomy, The obtained Iraby pigs were lpt in asep& individual isolation unit and bixxdexs fed on SPf milk without colcGtums. Then each 2 or 1 pigs taken at random, from 14th,lSth, and 22nd liter of SPF pigs were employed for micr&e assay. The ernperimental result were surnmaril as follows:

1 .Prior to starting experiment the aseptic rooms (including dressing operation and brcxDder rooms) were humiga4 with fom-iaiun gas and ventila1 2 days in clc6ed o’ndition, and then the microke assay were performed. The result indicated that the air, vial), floor, operation hood and h’xder were all Iracteria-negative.

2.The SPF pigs milk and solid feeds were chocked 6 times for the microke assay. The negative result were obtained.

3. The faces and urines collect! from 2.28,42Sr66 days old pigs and the gasfroenteric content obtained from 42. EO&66 days old pigs were employed for microke assay. The result showed that Escherichia and micrcoxtus in gastrcenteric coneit. But no bicteria was detected from each visceral organs.

4.Pigs tested were all free of the antibcdies for hot cho1era(END-neutalition ct), Jajenese encephalitis (HI t) and bi-ucellosis (agglutination isolation of PPLD and examination of xasies showed negative result.


Microbiological Assay ; Specific Pathogen-Free ; SPF pig

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