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Update Date: [2022-09-27]

Publication Stubility Tests on Animal Live Vaccines


AHRI report No.23


Stubility Tests on Animal Live Vaccines


Taiwan Provincial Research Institute for animal Health.

Author W.C Huang; Y.S. Liu; MC Uu MS. Chow; J.F. Su; CS. Chen

The stability tsis were applied on animal live virus and bacaial vathnes. The results shoI that nost of live vaccines could keep quit a gocd stability when stoner! in gcxd condition, eseially Canine distqer vaccine, But only one-fourth of LPC vaccines could maintaing 1/100 effective dose before expire date and Swine Erysipelas bactrin duet live lesrrial nurnker derreaserl rather rapidly. These suggest vaccines’ preservative media escripilon might neal ke hnpvsl urgently.


stability test Animal Live Vaccines


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