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Update Date: [2020-08-14]

Research Information The development of electrochemical chip sensor and rapid sensor for antibiotics

Plan Year: 2005
The coupling of low-cost poly (methyl methacrylate)-based microchips with mass-produced screen-printed technology holds great promise for creating single-use disposable separation electrochemical microsystems for a wide range of applications. In this proposal, we plan to apply this low-cost disposable microsystem for the fast analysis of antibiotics, such as nitrofuran and chloramphenicol. The first stage is to develop the necessary electrochemical technology and optimize the material in preparing the screen-printed electrodes for the determination of nitrofuran and chloramphenicol antibiotics. The second stage is to effectively transfer the screen-printed electrodes to the poly (methyl methacrylate)-based microchips for real sample test. Further develop will then be decided to align with the evaluation in practical applications as well as commercial benefits.

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