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Update Date: [2020-08-17]

Publication Studies on Production of The Tissue Cultured Newcastle Disease Vaccine

NO.: 3

AHRI report No.03


Studies on Production of The Tissue Cultured Newcastle Disease Vaccine 

Department Taiwan Animal Health Research Institute
Author MX. Wang*;J.Y. Lu;M.T. Yeh;S.C. Lee;S.C. Chen

l.The TP61S strain of duck embryo passage Newcastle disease virus inoculated into the DK cell in our laboratory was found a strain which has superior efficacy and safety to chicken.

2.As above, 5 batches of dry-living vaccine were prepared. They got 100% immune efficacy for chicken. The effective immunities is produced in 3-5 days after vaccination and had protect against the virulent virus. Among this 80-90% efficacy were to the one week old chicken and has no any influence on growth after vaccination.

3.The HI titer and Neutralizing titer were produced on the 6th day after vaccination. It has x320 HI titer and x3 Neutralizing titer on the 7th day. There didnt produce and positive reaction within 7 days after vaccination with Al-Gel vaccine.

4.The effective titer of dried vaccine shows no difference between 21 days storage at room temperature (22-25?) and 8 hours after dilution. The mortality is lower than 0.2% for wild conditions.

5.The lack of report and the shorter of material tested in the experiment work. The investigation about DKTC 17618 must keep continue.


Newcastle Disease Vaccine: 17618 strain;duck

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