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Update Date: [2020-08-18]

Publication Studies on Japanese Encephalitis of Domestic Animals in Taiwan

NO.: 5

AHRI report No.05


Studies on Japanese Encephalitis of Domestic Animals in Taiwan

Department 1 Taiwan Animal Health Research Institute
2. Joint Commission on Rural Rexxmst-non
Author LP, Chan)vI,J, Chan 1J,F, Su J.Y. Liii

In order to gove the fact that pigs were infected with Japanese Encephalitis in Taiwan. We investigation the pigs that selected iron the stcck farms of J.E. infected area. Trying to isolate the J. E. virus from naturally infected pig blood. We srti the exreriment, sucidi jig mice incoilati with blood which taken from pigs that vied once awedcattheMay.21%7.Aftall,J.Evimshasknisolatifronthepigs bloom that vledon 10, July.

The isolated virus was filterable through the mandler Bacteriological filter line and iiinmary could agglutinate the erythrocytes of goose, one-day old chicken and adult chicken. but theHAtiierofadulichickenwas flow,TheIstPHvahueforoperatingtheHAtest was 6.4. The isolated virus caused i&e (15-1 8gm)death by ham and intraceritoneal lncxDulatlon, but not by su&iatanus incciilation.And was sensitive to 0,1% Scduum Desoxycholate and 20% Ether. This virus attenuati by 56?. 30 nactivation and could Ire also neutralizEd by J. E. swine immunity sera.The HI antibDdy titer could e detted within 1-2 week aft the infect! pigs showed viremia.


Japanese Encephalitis Domestic AnimalT. E

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