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Update Date: [2020-08-14]

Research Information Research and development of veterinary technologies and drug assay techniques

Plan Year: 2005
The project of research and development of veterinary technologies and drug assay techniques 2005 will focus on (1) development of diagnostic kits of E0 and E2 genetic proteins of classical swine fever virus and pen-side screening reagents for detection of antigen and antibody to foot-and-mouth disease virus; (2) influence of vaccination program on the immune response of the sows for classical swine fever; (3) establishment of a control model for PCV2 virus infection in pig farms; (4) studies on pathogenesis of poultry and herbivorous animals viral diseases and molecular diagnostic techniques; (5) pharmacokinetics of aquatic antimicrobials in cobia. Scientists will attempt to establish (1) high density production system for tissue culture vaccines; (2) divalent parvovirus and duck hepatitis virus vaccine for waterfowls; (3) large-scaled production system for bacterial vaccines. We will continue to produce, reserve and supply the animal use vaccines to industries for the needs of disease prevention and control. Additionally, nation-wide veterinary services including fast diagnosis and surveillance of diseases will be accessible to terrestrial and aquatic animal industries as usual. The achievements of researches and veterinary technologies will be transferred to farmers, practicians and veterinary scientists by training and promotion programs. We will continue to promote (1) chemical drugs, biologics and feed additives assay services; (2) production techniques for SPF rabbits, guinea pigs, chickens and egg yield.

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