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Update Date: [2022-09-19]

Publication Observation on the Recent Occurrence of Fatty Liver Syndrome in Chicken


AHRI report No.10


Observation on the Recent Occurrence of Fatty Liver Syndrome in Chicken

Department Taiwan Animal Health Research Institute
Author Y, S. Lu, Happy K. Shieh, Y. L, Lee 

Since July 1973, the birds raised in northern and mid-southern part of Taiwan frequently showed pale combs and large bloody clots on the livers, The mortality of layers was 4% in average and that of breeders or broilers was 8%, The Laying rate dropped 10%, Birds aged the period of egg-laying were most affected, 
The main lesions were characterized by fatty deposits in abdominal cavity and on peritonium, Yellow or yellowish-brown liver covered by bloody clots was found, Liver was felt soft and fragible and different size of hemorrhage or hematomas-like substance was found on the cut surface of liver. I listopathological examination showed cloudy swelling and fatty degeneration and disarrangement of hepatic cells 
No bacteria, virus, fungus or aflatoxin was detected from the diseased birds, All the affected birds were fed with same hrnnd函feeds containing rape seed meaL It was proved that the feeds having 2, 7-5% of such rncal would induce the syndrome, Birds of in-breed were more sensitive to the meal and such kind of bird showed扣gher mortality than other kinds of bird, Besides, such birds fed with meal-free food showed quite normal. But if such food was changed or diluted to one-fourth with other feeds, no outbreak of the disease happened, 
Five birds in-bred aged 2-y,,ars were experimentally fed with suspected feeds, Half month later, the tested birds showed the atrophy of comb with damdruff, while another 5 control birds were normal. There-fore, rape seed meal, hot moisture, kinds of bird and much-eating might be the facto1?inducing the disease, 
As the result of the prevention test, it could he effectivd, controlled hy adding choline chuluride, Vitamine E, \'itaminc B 1 , or Methonine in feeds, 


Fatty Liver; Chicken


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