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Update Date: [2020-08-14]

Research Information Development of chromatographic strip test for the pen-side detection of foot and mouth disease virus antigen and antibody (2/1)

Plan Year: 2005
This plan will develop the pen-side diagnosis kits for rapid detection of blood samples in vitro. The structure and non-structure protein genes of FMD/O/TAW/97 and FMD/TAW/99 were amplified with the RT-PCR method, and the RT-PCR products were inserted into pET and pPICZ expression vector, which were cloned into the expression system of prokaryotic and eukaryotic cell to acquire the recombinant protein. Subsequently, the monoclonal antibodies was produced by immune the mice with the recombinant protein and used to make the pen-side diagnosis kit for FMDV test according to the principle of chromatographic strip test methods. The pen-side diagnosis kits will be applied to the field samples for detecting the structure and non-structure protein of FMDV from FMDV infected animals. This methods could be used quickly and accurately to detect the latent infection of FMDV in animals. As a result it would be helpful to shorten the times of diagnosis and fast to control the diseases.

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