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Update Date: [2022-09-26]

Publication The investigation in environmental hygiene from porcine excreta


AHRI report No.22


The investigation in environmental hygiene from porcine excreta


Taiwan Provincial Research Institute for Animal Health.

Author S.J. Lee., S.Y. Chiu., Y.S. Wu. and Y.H. Yang.

The samples of porcine excreta were collected from 40 pig farms locating in northern, central and southern Taiwan. Under aerobic condition, the mean value of total number of bacteria from the excreta that were non~treated, methane fermented pool, passed th tough fish pool, and treated in fecal pool were counted to be 3.9 X 1010 /ml, 1.0 X 105 /ml, 8.9 X 107 /ml and 1.6 X 109 /ml, respectively. All 1120 bacteria isolates including Escherichia coli 784 (about 70%), shigella 101 (about 9%), salmonella 90 (about 8%), proteus 56 (about 5 %). The rest of isolates in this survery are chromobacterium violaceum, aeromonas hydrophila, citrobacter diversus, enterobacter agglomerans, morganella morganii, pesteurella multacida, vibrio, klebsiella ozaenae and providencia alcalifacians. 


porcine excreta;environmental hygiene; chromobacterium


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