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Update Date: [2022-10-12]

Research Information Establishment of the West Nile virus infection and Q fever diagnostic laboratories

Plan Year: 2005
The West Nile virus infection and Q fever are very important zoonoses in recent years. In this project, two staffs of the Animal Health Research Institute will be assigned to visit the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention of America to learn the West Nile virus and Q fever diagnostic technology including cell culture, HI, ELISA, virus isolation, RT-PCR, IHC, ISH. This training is essential for the staffs that are in charge of routine diagnosis of the two zoonoses in necropsy laboratory and BSL-3 laboratory. Professor Lin will go to the Johns Hopkins University College of Public Health and the Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine to investigate the surveillance of West Nile virus infection in America and collect related information. In the meantime, we will use biotechnology to develop a new diagnostic method of West Nile virus. At last, we will create the diagnostic technology of West Nile virus infection and Q fever to prevent the incursion of the two zoonoses.


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