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Update Date: [2022-09-20]

Publication The Distribution of the BVD Neutralizing Antibody of Cattle in Taiwan


AHRI report No.12


The Distribution of the BVD Neutralizing Antibody of Cattle in Taiwan 

Department 1 Taiwan Provincial Research Institute for Animal Health 
2 The Farm Animals Bleeding Station of TSC
Author P. P. Liou;T. S. Huang;C. H. Ma;S.Wu;W. F. Chang

Several small scale of BVD field tests were conducted in Tapu. Before tests, the infection of BVD in Tapu by ant」bodysurvey method was checked. Fifty-nine samples of imported cattle in Tapu were all BYD-antibody positive with titer of over I. 75 (Log 10). The first generation of Tapu cattle was all antibody positive with titer of 0.58-2.45. The second generation of 49 cattle samples showed 91 % of BYD-positive with antibody titer of 2.21 or over. 
ln the province, the investigation on BVD antibody of cattle was made. The results were as follows : The扣ghestincidence of county was Hsin Chu (86%) and Maoli (85%) with titer around 1.75 or over. Then Kaohsiung(55%)with titer below 1.05. Chang Hua (52.6%) and Ta」Chung(43%) were next to Kaohsiung with titer of I. 75 or over. 
The other counties had under 30% incidence. In Penghu, 105 yellow cattle were surveyed and only 3 ones were positive (2. 8%) with titer of 1.75. 
From the above data, BVD infection of cattle in Taiwan was quite sure. The route of infection might be caused by」mportedcattle. 


BVD Virus ; Dairy Cattle


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