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Update Date: [2020-08-19]

Publication Microbiological Studies on Secondary Specific Pathogen-Free Pigs

NO.: 9

AHRI report No.09


Microbiological Studies on Secondary Specific Pathogen-Free Pigs

Department Taiwan Animal Health Research Institute
Author YR. Lin;T.C. LinC.ChenD,F, LAn

With the equipment arid circumstance in this institutthe secondary 1by pigs were obtained from primary SPF sows, These sndaq SPF pigs were raised in isolal hog pens Then each 3 or 4 pigs taken at random from 2 litters of sx’ndary SPF pigs were employed for microire assay on gasto-intestinal tact. The experimental result were sumrnaril as follows:

1.ThefecesandurthecoEecifrom3,l2lA56days&6monthsoMpigsandthe gstt-o-enteric cxntenls obtained from 36 days & 6 months oH pigs were employed for microke assay.The result showed that Escherichia, Microocccus, bctolecillus, Staphylctxcus, Bacillus, Proteus, Fungi(Budding Fungi and Filamenttus Fungi),Enero1ter,Bactroides were detected in feces and urine and gastro-eneric content,

2.Detectionofvinis and rasites showed negative result.


Microbiological Studies pcondary baby pigs; SPF

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