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Update Date: [2020-08-17]

New agriculture innovation promotion program

Council Of Agriculture Executive Yuan R.O.C

New agriculture innovation promotion program

Based on the policy blueprint of President Tsai Ing-wen and the principle of innovation, employment, distribution and sustainability. The ultimate goal is to reverse the conservative subsidy policy in the past so that existing resources could be redistributed to strengthen interdisciplinary communication and integration, expedite industry structural transformation, create favorable environment for young talents to return and work in agriculture, in hopes of raising agro-business added value and forging a revolutionary new agriculture through the implementation of 3 pillars and 10 key policies. The overall objective included increasing food self-sufficiency ratio by 40%, expanding agricultural output to NT$219 billion, creating employment opportunities for over 370,000 people, and exporting agricultural product to overseas emerging markets with annual rate of 57%.

The 3 pillars and 10 key policies of new agriculture policy are:

(1)Establishing new agricultural paradigms: promote green payment on farmland, stabilize farmers' income, improve competition of livestock industry, advocate environment-friendly farming, support sustainable usage of agricultural resources, and develop innovation agriculture.

(2)Constructing food security and food Safety System: enhance food security and ensure agricultural product safety.

(3)Enhancing abilities of agricultural marketing: expand diverse domestic and overseas distribution channels for agricultural products, and increase agricultural added value.

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