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Update Date: [2022-09-28]

Publication Development of Thymidine Kinase-Negative Mutant of Pseudorabies Virus


AHRI report No.24


Development of Thymidine Kinase-Negative Mutant of Pseudorabies Virus


Taiwan Provincial Research Institute for Animal Health. 

Author M.H. Jong, T .H.Liu, I.P. Chan, C. W. Chi,T.F. Chiou, J.T. Lee 

After 37 passages in L TK-celJs, the TNL strain of pseudorabies virus was further attenuated either alternatively in L TK-and ESK cell lines or straightly in ESK cell under the presence of BUdR of a concentration of 1,000 mcg/ml. activity and stabiblity of the kinase of the mutant in vitro were studied. Results indicated that the TK-mutant of TNL-L TK-ESK could not replicate in HAT medium. It was not virulent to day-old chicks and its virulence to rabbits was greatly reduced. A little reversion of the virulence was found when it was serially passaged 10 times in RK-13 cell without BUdR. 

The TK-mutant was safe to pregnant sows. The control sow lost appetite and showed deep depression and febrile reaction for 4 days after challenge. On the other hand, the vaccinated sow had temperature rise for one day only and did not show any clinical signs. 


mL; LTK cell; Pseudorabies Virus


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