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Update Date: [2020-08-18]

Publication Studies on Toxoplasmosisin Pigs

NO.: 4

AHRI report No.04


Studies on Toxoplasmosisin Pigs

Department Taiwan Animal Health Research Instithte
Author S.C Yang;Y.S. Lu;K.W. QtiJ.Y Liu;Y.C. Ia

Since 1962 the Toxoplasma g:uln was isolate! from pi& dog and wild rats in Taiwan. Rent Toxoplasmnccis csxurxel by many case among the field pgs, Since the early diagnostic axe very diffhulc it stiU has much trouNe to the owners and vetinary, although many carezt methcds for cbgauc. So, the study were place! on use the Toxoplasma gondii artifkially inpct into pigs and cause the disease, then tet de hemogxam chang flqenx blocd cells count and set trtnent. Hope to get 5C!rt simple t for early diagnos& of this disease form naturally infect! pigs. Aaxxding to the study the experimentl result were as bulow.

1 .All of the experimental pegs ageared with high fever for 3-4 days aft artfkial infection, then duration abuut4 days and dropdown aft 8dailtdonc* show any distinguish on & ox’ndarymfoc-ted pigs.

2.The numker of red k&c<xl cells shoatl a little decrease! at first and second incculaton pigs, but the range were not wid, The whit bleed cells were decreased when infrtd together with hog cholera vaccine, and it were incerased wIn ncculatel with Toxoplasma gondii only.

3.The neutrophilic band always apqeaied at the experimental pigs in the blocd sxrtar, actually it shower! metainyelocy and myelccyes on the serious sidris pigs, hit the appeared stage axe short and ie slight than hog cholera.

4 According to this repcat we get smxessful result at the CF test with gcnt R&D and gcet hernolysin. Generally dt CF antibcdie.s responsive at & 12 days, awl duration akout 22 days. WIn ‘dt CF annlxdrs go down ro aft first inoculation, the pegs make artificial infection agaa Thai the CF antibcdies responsive aft 4 days and it durat! for 56 days or more. The CF antihxiies shower! hardly to estaNislid at first inccthton.

5.The authcth investigation for pzitive by herna.gglutinaton tet rrethcd form another occupation as telow. Veterinary 4.22% (3/71), Gene-al cccupation (Mult and children) 2.72% (12441), Pigs from slaughter house 2035% (8433), Brcxxl kear l5.45%(l’7/I1CO ardGc*tO%(0.03).

6.The drug treatment test at the exjninrntal pigs, we use 10% Su]fame’-raare, Srr*g/lml pyrimethamixe plus Sulfadirriethoxine. 1CO%ing/lOml pyri-rrethamire plus 1CO4 Dm1 quinine HQ and (14% Scdiuin methyl arsonic acid et, for hipt. Such drugs are very effect t tie swine of Toxoplamosis, but the butt way is together with Vitamin Bi or another nutrients, and the adininist-ation must contrite for 2-3 days,

NOTE: The outline of this was n1 before the spting meeting in 1*8, 7aiwan Association of Animal Husbuixiry and Veterinary Medicine”


Toxoplasma gondii ; CF antibc’d pyrimethamine

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