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Update Date: [2022-09-19]

Publication Studies on the Production of Secondary SPF Pigs

NO.: 7

AHRI report No.07


Studies on the Production of Secondary SPF Pigs

Department Taiwan Animal Health Research Institute
Author C. Chen;T,C. Un;Y,P. Lin-J-I.S. YangS.S, ChenD.F. LAn

1 ,From January 1968 to June 1971, the author gcduces fourten lit totaling 108 head of seoondary SPF pigs, of which 103 head were suixessfufly raised with the raising rate of 95.37%,

2.These sezondary SPF pigs raised in isolate-I hog rens could be fre from the contamination of SET>, AR, dysentery, toxoplasmc6is and external or internal rasites, as well as that of girnary SPF pigs. They also comosed of no hog cholera antibody.

3.Oneor two SPF pigs from the 6th, 1 ith and 12th litter were tat random for the test of their feud conversion rate. The average bcdy weight at age of 180 days which back fat were3.Scrn in depth, reached 103.2kg and the fJ conversion rate was 3.1

4.According to the result mentioned above, it was noel that, besides being he from some sreDial disease, the sftondary SPF pigs could be raised in high rat and be managed in simple way. So that it was worthy to extend and industriali2e the sftondary SPF pigs in a large scale management.


hog cholera ; Sondary SPF

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