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Update Date: [2020-08-18]

Publication Study on The Prodution of Chronic Respiratory Disease Antigen For Chicken

NO.: 4

AHRI report No.04


Study on The Prodution of Chronic Respiratory Disease Antigen For Chicken

Department Taiwan Animal Health Research Instithte
Author TM. Shieh;Y.C. (Then

Although chronic Respiratory Disease (C.R.D) antigen was already prcducted commercially in the United Sta of America and other countries, it has not keen manufactuxel iccally in Taiwan. In 1967, a study on the prcduction of this kind of antigen was rerformel. The antigen was prepare-I from both culture of Mycoplasma gal]isepticum by the methcd of H. B. Adler. The strain usal in the preparation was 56 strain supplial by National Institute of Animal Health, Japan. A field trial was also rerformed to test the antigen, The result axe summauimi as follows:

1. The antigen prrepared under present study, agglutinael within two min-utes by the stundard antiserum and by that of the pcGitive re5.

2. The keeping quality of this antigen was very high, It possessed the same titers aft it was store-I at a temperature of2 to 57 for 6 months,

3. The antigen reacted with the same degree of sensithity when compared with thcGe manufactured in the Unite-I States, Japan, and Germany.

4. M. gallisepticum was isolate-I from the chickens which showed positive reaction to this antigen in the field trial.
NOTE: The outhneofthis page-was read kefore the 1967 Annual Meeting of the Taiwan Asscciation of Animal Huskendry and Veterinary Medicine.


chronic Respiratory Disease ; C.R.D ; Chicken

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