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Update Date: [2022-09-23]

Publication Studies on Production and Application of Swine Atrophic Rhinitis Vaccine


AHRI report No.19


Studies on Production and Application of Swine Atrophic Rhinitis Vaccine


1.Taiwan Provincial Research Institute for Animal Health. 
2.Taiwan Provincial Livestock Research Institute, Mio-Li Research Station


Ching Chen , C. C. Lu , I. P. Chan , S. Y. Chiu , J. S. Lai , T. G. Chang , S. T. Lin , D. W. Hong 1 and J. S. 


Bordetella bronchiseptica phase 1 strain was used for atrophic rhinitis vaccine production. The bacteria were cultured on potato infusion agar at 37 ° C for 24 ho-urs, harvested and adjusted to a final concentration of 6 x 1010 CFU/-ml. then inactiveted with formalin and supplemented with preservative thimerosaJ and adjuvant aluminum hydroxide gel. 

Safety tests were carried out in pregnant sows with two kinds of vaccination program, one with high doses, i.e. 10 ml for basic vaccination and 20 ml for reva-ccination at two weeks interval, the other with designated dose, i.e. 2 ml for 1st vaccination and 5 ml for booster. No clinical sign or abortion was observed in ei-ther group of vaccinated sows. Piglets from the vaccinated sows had maternal antibodies of I:1,280 -1 :2,560 at 4-day-old, and I 80 at 12 -week- old. 
A.R. antibody free piglets, 5-week-old, and adult rabbits were also vaccinated with the bacteria, 1 ml at 1st vaccination and 2 ml at revaccination for piglets, and 0.5 ml 1st vaccination 1 ml revaccination for rabbits. No clinical signs was noticed during the experiment period. The average tube agglutination antibody titer was  640 for the vaccinated piglets, and 1 : 2,560 for rabbits.

In the field trials, 181 of pregnant sows and 157 of rabbits were vaccinated with the bacterin as designated program. Serum samples, 56 from vaccinated sows and 112 from their piglets ( 5-day-old) were collected The tube agglutination an-tibody levels were 1: 320 -1: 2,560. for both sows and their piglets. The antibody titers of the vaccinated rabbits were 1 320-1 : 5,120. Immune response cou· Id be induced in sows or rabbits even with low level of AR antibody before vaccination. 


Bordetella bronchiseptica;bacteria;prescr

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