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Update Date: [2020-08-17]

Publication Investigation on Chronic Respiratory Disease (CRD) of Chickens in Taiwan

NO.: 3

AHRI report No.03


Investigation on Chronic Respiratory Disease (CRD) of Chickens in Taiwan

Department Taiwan Animal Health Research Institute
Author TM. Shieli ;Y,C ChenH.S. Yang

Mycoplasma gal]isepticum was alxeady isolaal and reported as a main causative agent of avian chronic respiratory disease (CR0) in America and some other coumtries butyet not inTaiwan.

lii 1966, during January to Deercker, an isknd-ed survey on CR0 of chickens was trformal with use of Myooplasma gallisepticum antigens gepaxed by Saisbury Lalxatoiies, Io or Japan National Institute of Animal Health and isolation of the causative agent was trial from those positive reactors. The resulis of this study may It summarthi as follows:

1.Inthenorthempartof this island, thfinfestationofthediseaseshowei27.3% the central part 13.% and the southern part 12,9% i.e. 17.9% in average among 1,118 chickens surveyed through the island.

2. From 78 cases of the positive reactors, 15 stains (19.2%) if M. gailisepticum and 52 stains (66.6%) of M, gaflinarum were sucessfuily isolated. It woves that chiicens in Taiwan has already keen invaded of the disease.

3. From the positive reactors M. gallisepticum could It isolatl and aixiominal air sac showed the hight ecentage among the organs performer!.

4.Among the 15 stains of M. gaiiisepticum iso1a1, 5 stains showed positive to thicken red blood cell adsorption test and finally only 4 stains were gimarily indentified ot It the same with the stain 56 under sugar fermentation test et.

NOTE: Theoutlineofthis paperwas resdkeforethe 1AnnualMtingofthe Taiwan Association of Animal Husbundry and Veterinary Medicine.


Chronic Respiratory Disease ; CR0 Mycoplasma gal]isepticum

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