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Update Date: [2020-08-18]

Publication The applied test of imported New Castle Disease Living vaccines

NO.: 5

AHRI report No.05


The applied test of imported New Castle Disease Living vaccines

Department Taiwan Animal Health Research Institute
Author Y.S. Wu

1, The imported N.C.D. living vaccines inclded 10 kinds of vaccines marie by Lab.
Nobilis N. V., N. V. Philps Duphar, Delaware poultry Lab., &Chil sewn Ins.
(the abcve axe B 1 S train), Dr. Salsburfl Lab., Delaware poultry Lab., Amdal Co.
(the abcve are El Type), N. V. Philips Duphar, Lab. Nobilis N. V. & Vineland Lab.
(the abcve axe Laasota Stain).

2. After culture for examination, there were no Salmonella, Mycoplasma gallisepticuin, & other kecteria found.

3. The titers examin reEetwn to, the highest was El TyrnadebyDt Salsbury’sLab.

4. There were no any bad reaction afler vacciiriai for chicken of 4 days age, 14 days age, &30 days age.

5. The EIDSOofthe vaccines were ketween to

6.Potencies of thosevathnes, kesides one, wexeallakovel5%. 7. Thesmalleragethe chicken was, the lower the potency would ka While it vaccinated on 4 days oH chicken, the average potency was only 32%. 8. Two weeks after vaccination of two months oldchicken, theHltietothetopcestvalue,theaverageofbsotastain was X14(O, El stain and El type were X350. One month after vaccination, the tier kegan to drop and after three months the titer dropped to abcut X100.


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