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Update Date: [2020-08-14]

Research Information Researches and development of veterinary technology

Plan Year: 2004
Research and development of veterinary technology project 2004 will focus on: (1) studies on the pathogenesis, genomic antigenicity and control approaches of porcine circovirus, (2) studies on the gene of classic swine fever virus related to pathogenicty, (3) isolation of mycobacteria from bovine tuberculosis, (4) investigation of bovine arthropod-mediated diseases and waterfowl diseases, (5) establishment of the diagnostic technique of paratuberculosis by the micro-CF test and waterfowl parvovirus by PCR method, (6) genomic analysis of infectious bronchitis virus, and (7) research of drug resistance of aquatic bacteria. Scientists will devote themselves to establish: (1) high density productive system for LPC tissue culture vaccine and gene-deleted pseudorabies vaccine, (2) large scale production method for R. anapestifer, E. coli. and P. multocida, (3) efficacy evaluation method for the inactivated grouper iridovirus vaccine. For the needs of disease prevention and control, we will continue to produce, reserve and supply the animals' use vaccines to industries. Additionally, nation-wide veterinary service will be accessible to animal industries as usual. This year we will continually carry out a strict surveillance on rinderpest, African swine fever and bluetongue disease. The achievements of researches and development of veterinary technology will be transferred to farmers, practicians and veterinary scientists.

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