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Update Date: [2020-08-14]

Research Information Establishment of facility and technique for inspection of aquaculture vaccine

Plan Year: 2005
Taiwan has an excellent reputation for technology in aquaculture all around the world. Recently, a new technology for cultivate of high valuable species, such as cobia and grouper, with offshore aquaculture has been successfully developed, and that leads us to have a superiority in competition in this area. However, except the development of technology, proper vaccination for disease control and prevention is another way to increase the livability. And this is also one of the objectives which are now preceded aggressively in biotechnology in Taiwan. Our responsibilities include the inspection of all veterinary medicinal products. However, we have not yet set up the national inspection methods as well as the specification standard for vaccines in aquaculture. As foreseeing the future necessary, a project is designed and aimed to set up the inspection methods and specification standard at the central authority level for vaccines in aquaculture. This project will be carried in four stages, and three of the main species are selected for experimental target animal.

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