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Update Date: [2022-09-26]

Publication Evaluation on the Efficacy of Swine Escherichia coli Vaccine in Mice


AHRI report No.22


Evaluation on the Efficacy of Swine Escherichia coli Vaccine in Mice


Taiwan Provincial Research Institute for Animal Health. 

Author Ching CHEN, C. C. Lu, I. P. CHAN J.S. LAI, T. G. CHANG and S. T. LIN

The evaluation of protection efficacy of the various trial vaccines and reference vaccines for swine colibacillosis control was carried out on mice by intraperitoneal immunization test. The results indicated that the vaccines prepared with different serotypic strains had cross immunization with each other in spite of the differences of their somatic and/or surface antigen structures. The potency was up to 90-100%. If the bacterial suspension used for challenge was 10 times condensed,even in homologous strains, the survival rates were down to 80% or less. For bacterial cell free or surface antigen free vaccine, the protection efficacy in mice was usually lower. 
Therefore, in the evaluation on protection efficacy of swine Escherichia coli vaccine, it is recognized to be with protection value either the survival rate was≧80% in experimental group and mortality 
was≧80% in contro oup or the protective index ( LD SO) was equal to or more than 100.5


Escherichia coli; immunization test 


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