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Update Date: [2020-08-14]

Research Information Extension, maintaining and upgrading of veterinary information systems

Plan Year: 2005
According to the policy and aims of agricultural knowledge economy and for establishment and extension of up-to-date veterinary science and technology to veterinary practitioners and animal raisers, this project is schemed and fulfilled to develop a software of Veterinary Management System and two databases, namely Animal Disease Diagnosis and Animal Drug Use, respectively. The "Veterinary Management System" software package will be upgraded further to improve some functions suggested by veterinarians, and a target of up to 350 animal hospitals or clinics is estimated to use this Chinese veterinary hospital management software at the end of Year 2005. On the other hand, these two databases will be strengthened further for the completion of all the needed information this year, and two websites based on these two databases will be continually maintained to provide on-line reference services to veterinary practitioners ( and the other for animal raisers (, respectively. A set of extension meetings will be also held to public for promotion these veterinary information systems.

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