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Update Date: [2020-08-14]

Research Information The pharmacokinetics of aquatic antimicrobials in cobia

Plan Year: 2005
The purpose of this project is to determine the phamacokinetics of beta-lactam antimicrobials used in cobia and establish the normal treatment dosage and specific withdrawl time. In this study, two groups of experimental cobia were reared at aerated seawater at 24-25 ℃ and 28-30 ℃, respectively, orally dosed with beta-lactam drugs. Plasma and tissues samples were collected at specific time, extracted and analyzed by high performance liquid chromatography to realize the influence of temperature on pharmacokinetics and metabolism of beta-lactam drugs. The results can be used for the reference of official regulations by government and of the correct dosing and withdrawal time by farmers. In addition, it is believed that these results can avoid the presence of drug residues in the edible tissues of cobia, help improve the consumer's health and enhance the international competition of cobia culture industry.

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