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Update Date: [2020-08-19]

Publication Toxascaris leonina infection in a kitten

NO.: 22

AHRI report No.22


Toxascaris leonina infection in a kitten


Taiwan Animal Health Research Institute

Author Y.P.Lin

Employing the methods of microimmuncdifflsion (MlDT) and emzyme linked immunosohent assay (ELISA) to assay for bluetongue virus (BTV) antibcdy from 420 samples of bovine sexa, the result indicate that the ELISA is a rapid and sensitive umniary diaguost test for the deteiin of B1V antibody in bovine wa. At the same &ne, it also shows that the EiSA ptcedwe is more quick and accurate than theM lOT, if the da obtained is anaiyad by using a microcomputer system.


Uuetongie virus ; ELISA ; riunodiflision

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