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Update Date: [2020-08-14]

Research Information Pathogenicity and control measure of porcine circovirus

Plan Year: 2005

Since the outbreak of Porcine circovirus type 2 (PCV2) infection in Canada in 1991, several syndromes associated with PCV2 still emerge world-wide. In 2003, out of 204 pigs' specimens submitted from Livestock Disease Control Centers and farmers to Animal Health Reserch Institute, Concil of Agriculture, Executive Yuan, 60% were PCV2 infection with secondary bacterial infection, and the situation was continued worsen in 2004. Recently, we have succeed to establish the artificial infection model in

pigs by using PCV2 Taiwan isolate strain, and can recover the virus from tissues. An investigation showed that no treatment and vaccine were available for PCV2 infection. In order to against PCV2 infection and manage the porcine industry in Taiwan for sustainable development, this project will use immunohistochemistry staining method to

demonstrate the distribution of PCV2 in organs. By confirming the relation between virus distribution and lesions, we will evaluate the feasibility of applying these technology in retro study, study the pathogenesis of PCV and establish a effective control measure for pig farms.

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