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Update Date: [2020-08-19]

Publication Improvement Studies on the Media for the Lapinized Hog Cholera Vaccine

NO.: 10

AHRI report No.10


Improvement Studies on the Media for the Lapinized Hog Cholera Vaccine

Department Taiwan Animal Health Reseaxch Institute
Author Y.H. Yang,;Y.S, Uu;Y,C Chen;W.C HuangF. UnCY. Lin;EC Lin;I.S, Kiang;I.P. (ThenS,S, Chen

Slthnmilk and healthy horse sera have been employerl as media for the preparation of Frccen-dried Lapini2ed Hog Cholera Vaccine since 1939. The vaccine preserved by this way maintained excellent quality. Rftently, in order to save the national exrenses, the import vials for holding frcn-drid vaccine were subtitutoi by native prcducts. However, & quality of vaccine was not uniform and its solubility was pcxx a&r new containers were used. In order to find an ideal medium instad of skimmilk and healthy horse sea for the preparation of frcn-drid Lapinizad Hog Cholera Vaccin the authors have done many exreriment using Poly’diny Pyrrolidon (PVP) and Lactose insead of conventional india and Nitrogen Gas (N gas) insad of vacuum condition for chedcing their preservation, solubility and safety. The result are summarid as follows:

1.0.3% PVP and 10% Lactose were the optimal conceiration for the preservation of vaccineshowdthesamevirus tier (10”(4) PIU3O) 18 months aftstoxdatice box.

2.The vaccine emoye1 new media stored at room emnperature for six months and 339 days at ice box still had good solubility, but the vaccine employed conventional india showed very poor solubility, six months afr stored at room ernrerane and year at ice box. It take 2-3 rninuts and rerp,ired vigorously shaking for disouing the snary vaccine when dilitnt was added.

3. The neutahtion antibody titr of the piglet was ranging from 0-x8 prevaccination, 0-x&1 pcut vaccination. Itshowerlx32-x1024 14 days aft challeng with virulent virus, Although some of the piglet could not be detuoted neuixalition antibody 10 days poet vaccination, all were survived when challenged with 1QftXI) virulent virus,

4.The thermal reaction of the rabbiis could be probubly used for titrating Lapinid hog cholera virus.

5.Itdidnotshowanyffltothelapiniihogcholeavirus,pigletandrabbitby useing N gas instead of vacuum condition.

6. Thawing and bubing occasionally occarred when prefreezing process was carried out at-21Y? deep freer, but not found at-73?. Therefore, when PVP was employed as media prefreezing must be carried out at the ultra-lowdeep fxr for obtaining gccd quality prcdn.

7. It showed same result to detuot and tiirae the virus by fluorescent antibody tuohnique and pig incculation. 8.The vaccine was safe when pig was inoculated with 30 doses


Hog Cholera Vac neSldmmflkflozen dried

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