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Update Date: [2020-08-13]

Research Information Development and application of particle-based enzyme-linked immunoassay

Plan Year: 2004
We propose to develop a particle-based enzyme immunoassay (PBEIA) method for a fast, economic and sensitive detection of sulfonamides and β-lactam residues in feed, milk, meat, body fluid and tissue extracts. The use of nano-size particles to replace 96-well plates significantly changes the platform of traditional enzyme linked immunosorbant assay (ELISA) with respect to better sensitivity, flexibility and more field applications. Increase the particle concentration could greatly increases the sensitivity of the assay and the assay could be performed in containers of various size and shape. By using this transformed platform, the potential for a fast diagnostic kit convenient for screening, extraction and concentration of mixed antibiotic residues from bio-resources is great. It is our intention to combine the advantage of selectivity characteristic for ELISA and specificity of chromatography to develop a new application that would allow preliminary detections and subsequent confirmations accomplished in one sample.

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