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Update Date: [2022-03-03]

Biology Divison

  1. Identification and analysis of animal mycobacterial infection Chen-Sheng, Huang Assistant Researcher
  2. Development of an immersion inactivated vaccine against Streptococcus iniae for fish Tzu-Ming, Huang Assistant Researcher
  3. Surveillance of the vectors and important vector borne diseases in northern Taiwan cattle farms Chyi-Sing, Hwang Assistant Researcher
  4. Indetification, characteristics analysis and antimicrobial resistance of Streptococci pathogens isolated from diseased animal Nan-Ling, Kuan Assistant Researcher
  5. Diagnosis service and investigation of important aquatic animal diseases Chieh-Hao Wu Assistant Researcher
  6. For exporting abroad, surveillance of bacteria and virus in logged grouper farms Chieh-Hao Wu Assistant Researcher
  7. Draft analysis of OIE aquatic animal health standards Chieh-Hao Wu Assistant Researcher
  8. Hygiene surveillance of soft-shelled turtle farms which are qualified for exporting eggs to China I-Wen Chen Assistant Researcher
  9. Analysis of surveillance data for Major Pathogens in White Shrimp I-Wen Chen Assistant Researcher
  10. Early warning system on aquatic animal health for export I-Wen Chen Assistant Researcher
  11. Investigation, analysis and guidance on the diseases of the Lateolabrax spp. Chia-Ying,Chen Assistant Researcher
  12. Diseases monitoring and biosecurity implementation of qualified ornamental aquatic animal login farms Yi-Ping, Lu Associate Researcher
  13. Optimization of Production Medicine and Continuous Education Platform for Aquatic Animals Yi-Ping, Lu Associate Researcher
  14. Construction of Pingtung Aquatic Animal Inspection Center Yi-Ping, Lu Associate Researcher
  15. Elevating Animal Pharmaceutical Level and Koi Herpesvirus Inactivated Vaccine Development Yi-Ping, Lu Associate Researcher

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