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Update Date: [2020-08-17]

Publication Study on Isolation of Salmonella Pullorum from Positive Reactors Detected by Rapid whole-blood Agglutination

NO.: 3

AHRI report No.03


Study on Isolation of Salmonella Pullorum from Positive Reactors Detected by Rapid whole-blood Agglutination

Department Taiwan Animal Health Research Institute
Author TM. Shieh;K.Y. KaoL.H. Chiang

The 70 positive reacted birds were colkted from lccal poultry farms on which the rericdical examination for Pullonim disease had being rerformed by rapid wholeblocd agglutination test using Pullorum sinerJ K antigen prepared in this Jnstitute. They were first retested with the US, Japan and domestic made antigens as a acomparative study of the three antigens, and lastly tempting isolation of S. pullorum were made. The resulis obtainer! are summari-1 as follows:

1.ithe 70 p€itive birds retesJ by rapid whole blocd methori, 32 birds (43.7%) 33 birds (47,1%) and 44 birds (62.9%)were reactel with the domestic Japan or US made Pullorum antigens resatively. That is, 22 birds (31.4%) showed c€itive aonsforanofthethreantigens,andl3birds (18.5%)for2ldndsandllbirds (24.3%) foronlyineltindof theantigens, while 18 birds (25.7%) showednegative reactions for either antigen.

2.of the 70 pceitive birds retested by the tube-serum method, 23 birds (329%), 19 birds (27.1%)and35 birds (50%)werepcthtive Q50x)byusingthethreeantigens rescaztively.Thatis, l2birds (lZl%),9birds (12,9%) and23 birds (32.9%) were gDSitive for 3, 2or only one kind of the3 antigens, while 26birrls (37.1%) were negative to any of the antigens.

3.The sewn of the 70 positive reactors, only 16 Cases (22.9%) showed positive by agar gel preroipitation test.

4.The definite lesions for Thillowm disease on organs were found in 63 birds (%%) among the 70 positive reactors. The most common finding among those birds was rnissharn, discolored ovary, black-greenish or hownish ovary, pale colored liver and swollen bile dn et.

5.Among the 70 positive birds, S. pullornn organisms were siessfully isolal from 44 birds Theisolationrate was 62.9%.

6.The isolation of S. pullorum was also cerformalon their eggs totally 162 eggs, and only 17 eggs of then-i (10.5%) were positive. That is only from 11 birds eggs (4.4%) weresuccessfullyisolatelwithS. pullorum. Allofthe55 stiins isolatedfromthe Positive birds organs or their eggs were indentified to be S. pullorum by biological characteristics and serolo-gjcal test.


Salmonella Pullorum ; Rapid whole-blocd Agglutinationptsitive reacted

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