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Update Date: [2020-08-17]

Publication Investigation on Brucellosis of Domestic animals in Taiwan

NO.: 2


AHRI report No.02


Investigation on Brucellosis of Domestic animals in Taiwan

Department Taiwan Animal Health Research Institute
Author Y.S.Lu ;T.S.Chiu;J.S.Lin;J.Y.Liu

In April 1 %3, the islane-wide investigation on BnceUosis Was taulen in Taiwan. All the dairy cows eapt those at the last stage of pregnancy and the calves under six months of age Were examined for the antibody against Encella. This refl deals mainly with the serological and Bacteriological study of pcitive reactors, milk samples and the a&ri fetus. The standardil antigen for tifr test and Rolmth mcw)ified methcdofCFtestWereusoimeresulis axesummariias follows:

1. Of 3,667 head of dairy caftleetamin&, 206(5.6%) Were Positive and 70 suspicious Summary l.9%irswmdingthetil:eand17OPositive(3.5%)and16suspidous (0.43%) reators &xcding the CF test.

2. Mlst of the reactors were from the northern ptt-t of the island, via, Tau-yen Prefecturre. Taip Prefecture, Tai city, Miau-li Prefecture and Hsin<hu PrefectuxeinOrrkr.

3. Brwella organisms were isolated from milk samples and organs of the rcGitive reactars. allofthemwereidentiferlas Brucellaabortus tyel.


Bnallosis Domestic athual; CF test

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