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Update Date: [2020-08-19]

Publication Biochemical Properties of E. Coli Isolated from Different Healthy Animals'Feces

NO.: 9

AHRI report No.09


Biochemical Properties of E. Coli Isolated from Different Healthy Animals'Feces

Department 1.Schoolof Pharmacy, aohgMerlicalO&ge
2.Taiwan Animal Health Research Institute
Author Y.P, Unl;T.C. UnZC.Chen2D.F, Lin2

Examinations onE. coil stains iso1al from faces of swine(14 head),caftle (2), horses (4), gout (2), sheep(1), domestic rabbits (8), and human keing(7) have Ieen performed and their LanaI numirer, biohemical properties and thogenic chasars were comsatively observed, The results obine4 axe summar&I as follows:

1.ThenumthofE coil existedinbowels depends upon animal spthes.The Lowels of omnivorous animals revealed more numter of E. cd,but less in that of herbivorous animals, The order of B. coil content was ste (4.SX1(NWgm), human keing (3.OX1CY’8/gm),domestic xa,ggit (8.2X1CY’7/gm), sheep(l .OX1O”7/gm) ,gout (6.4X1CY’&’gm), cattle (3X1(Yofgin), then (3.1X1(Y6/gm)?

2.Almcet each stain of B. cdi from various animals (including human keing) had common bicchemical properties (no study on the serotypes). They were mostly type 1 ‘tith one exception of type 2 in one of the human strains isolated.

3.Bicchernical reaction was kesed upon IMViC and other test .There were exceptions Summary toM R,H2S, Malonate,Sixnmons ciixate.KCN, EBM tests among some stains isolaei. (Table 2).

4.Basal upon fermention test,E, coil var communis was mostly found in swine. cattle. horse, and human keing and B. cdi var Communion in sheep and domestic rabbit. But both stains were aually found in goat. All stains from faces had fermentation abilities to most sugars But to lactose,thexe was an exception in human stains Stronger alility to sucrose fermentation was found in domestic rabbit and sheep strains and xylcse fermentation negative was ever found in horse stain. (Table 3).

5.AIl stains culbusi in blocd agar medium did not preduce hemolysis,but 41 out of 50 stains could kill mice when 0.5 ml. of 18 hour-goth-ctltuxe was intraperitoneally in,frtlAnd when 0.1 nil, of such hoth was sukutansously inJected,

6.stxains could kill mice,too.From the above data,most stains were jnthogthc to mice,but showed different virulence,


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