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Update Date: [2021-06-10]

Collection of Inspection Standards and Field Test Research of Fish Vaccine

AHRI report No.47
Collection of Inspection Standards and Field Test Research of Fish Vaccine
Animal Drugs Inspection Branch, Animal Health Research Institute, Council of Agriculture, Executive Yuan
CT Lin, HP Lin, PY Chen, CC Chang, CH Hsu, SR Yeh, RS Chen
Taiwan has an excellent reputation of aquaculture technology worldwide . Recently, the development of marine cage culture of high valuable species has been successfully achieved in several fish species such as cobia and groupers, and has got competition advantages in this field. High stocking density results in exposure of the fish to stress that often leads to disease, so prevention and control of fish diseases is the one important bottleneck of aquaculture development. Therefore, it hopes that the research of development aquatic vaccines will increase nurture rate of aquatic animals and reduce breeds cost of the entrepreneur. According to Animal Drugs Action, the development, execution of assay and inspection of fish vaccines is one of the responsibilities of animal drug inspection branch, animal health research institute. Thus, it is an urgent task for us to set up the facilities as well as statutory assay methods for fish vaccines. We will continuously establish vaccine examination technology to raise international competitiveness in aquaculture.
Fish vaccine, vaccine assay and inspection, aquaculture

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