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Update Date: [2023-09-27]

Emerging Animal Disease Division



Project title

Principal Investigator


Application of the western blotting method to develop FMD-NSP antibodies detection technology(3/3)

Tsu-Han, Chen

Assistant Researcher


Generation of monoclonal antibodies recognize

important swine pathogens, developing associated

detection techniques, and their application

Ling-Chu, Hung

Assistant Researcher


The examination of pestiviruses in Taiwanese pig farms


Kuo-Jung, Tsai

Assistant Researcher


Attending transboundary animal disease conference

Kuo-Jung, Tsai

Assistant Researcher


The surveillance of important viral diseases in wild boar

Kuo-Jung, Tsai

Assistant Researcher


OIE Reference Diagnosis Laboratory of Classical Swine Fever and Monitoring of African Swine Fever

Chia-Yi, Chang

Associated Researcher


The examination of pathogens and antibodies for swine viral diseases

Yu-Liang, Huang

Assistant Researcher


Active of wild type classical swine fever virus in the herds with various vaccinated-condition of classical swine fever virus 

Yu-Liang, Huang

Assistant Researcher


Development of African swine fever antibody detection technology

Chu-Hsiang, Pan
Associate Researcher


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