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Update Date: [2020-08-17]

Publication Study on Infectious Bronchitis of Chickens

NO.: 3

AHRI report No.03


Study on Infectious Bronchitis of Chickens

Department Taiwan Animal Health Research Institute
Author J.S. Lu5,Y. LW,L. YangJ.Y. UuC,H. Wu

We ohierverl the thfeoi chickens by means of flcck history, autoicy finding and clinical manifestations-The ouistanding symptoms were ides, gasping cou-ghing and Ciginsomeflccks of chickens in the northland of Taiwan from April 1q64 to March 1%? This ohservation indicates the infi flccks axe similar to infotei honchitis which was first reported yb Schalic and Hawn (1931), indic-ated by the repoals of others in various county ha Isolation of sevenn stain of ‘irus axe achieved by incculating a susrension of trachea, lung kidney, and Content into the allantonic Cavity of 7-day-old emb-yonating eggs. The isolated Virus is differed from (SO, GAL, N.D. LT, and PP by the Characteristic examination of virus, and by the agar preciptid test of serum It demonstrated a infectious honchitis Virus. The I.B.V. standard Nerima stain coming from 3an was used as control strain in the characteristic examination of Virus above. The agar jniptin test was valueable for dia,gnouis at the early stage of the disease


Infectious Bronchitis; infectious honchitis Virus Chicken

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