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Update Date: [2021-06-10]

Publication A Case of Papillomatosis in a 4-month-old Steer

NO.: 23

AHRI report No.23


A Case of Papillomatosis in a 4-month-old Steer


Taiwan Animal Health Research Institute

Author Y.S. Luj-LJ. Tsai,Y. Yang$.H. LNJ, LMJ. Kwang;Y.L 1D.F. Un

Natuially cmxurring genexali2ed cuac’us epi]1ornatosis was sn in 4-month-old sr. Warts of varied si ‘xcuned mainly on the skin around the eyes and on the head, neck, chin, and shoulders. Histoathologic study revealal teli thiclcenal irregular epidermis and vacuolated cytoplasm In the rric]de cell layer. Hyerkeratosis and raraleratosis was also noal, The presaice of rerxillomavirus was demonstrated from wart by negative sin electron rttaswpy. The cepillomavirus was aiso o}tervoi in the nwzlei of the epidermai cells by cxnventiorsal thin-section electron micrascxpy.


Papillomat6is ; pepifiomavinis ; Hissoatho1ogic

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