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Update Date: [2020-08-18]

Publication An Outbreak of Escherichia infection in baby chicks

NO.: 4

AHRI report No.04


An Outbreak of Escherichia infection in baby chicks

Department Taiwan Animal Health Research bstitut
Author KY Kao.;Y.P. Chan;W.N, Qau;W.S. Cheng.Y. (Then

An Outbeak of Escherichia Infection in a flctk of baby chicks that were im-pc by a poultry farm from a foreign country in April, 1%? was occured due to lassitude causal by long disnce shipping during one week after arriving in the island. The sick baby chicks were depresses), weak, loss of apj:etite dyspnea and having a pasty vent covered with yellowish whit droppinge. On palpation the aixiomen was ragher hard and enlarged. Apart of baby chicks tcok acu-te course and sial suddenly, At necaqrsy, the chicks had enlarged and dis-colorerl livers. Most of them had unabsorltl yolks and gelatinous cxagulats filIal in the aixiominal cavity due to rupture of the yolk sacs. The serous me-mbrane of intestines and mesentry west covered with fibrinous exudate. The kidneys were mcdeiately enlargde. At culture Escherichia was purely isolated from various pa.renchymatous organs and bkxxi in the geart of every carcass.

Antibiotic sensitivity tt of Chlorttracycline, Chlorampheniclo, Oxytetrac-ycline, Summary TenDyline, Renicillin, Bacitracin, Streptomycin, Cobstin, Erythromycin, Kanamycin,Spiramycin, Tylc€in and sulfa-dmgs, Nitofuraus, Benthonium Chloride were carried out as the result, Colistin and Nitofurans were the Irest, then Bethonium Chloride followed. Chloramphenicol also had some effectiveness, however, the xest of antibiotic were not effa:tive. Therefore, therareutic effect of antibiotics against this pathogen is limited.

Acrnding to the obiervation of this outbreak, it strongly suggested the pssibility of egg transmission. Therefore, prevention is batter than teatrient against this infection, that is, elimination of carriers, improvement of feeding and management, hatchery hygien and shipping methcd. When the outbreak of infection occurred, Colistin or Bthonium Chlor de may ba administered in drinking wat, and Nitrofuraus or Chloramphenicol may add into the fls in order to inhibit the growth of pathogens and tease the losses of baby chicks.


Escherichia infection baby chicks Chlcrramphenicol

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