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Update Date: [2020-08-17]

Publication Experiments on the Manufacturing of Japanese Encephalitis Vaccine

NO.: 3

AHRI report No.03


Experiments on the Manufacturing of Japanese Encephalitis Vaccine

Department Taiwan Animal Health Research Institute
Author T,C, LAn S.C, Uao$D.Chen

1 .The Potency test of? lot of the wet type vaccine Prepared at the Institute showerl a resuliof)%orhighergoeDtionin5lot, 8()%in2lot,whilethemortalityne of control mice were Irtween 73-1(0%.

2,Keping quality of the wet type vaccine at coki place is very high. 2 lot of vaccines were used for ineservation t and maintained 89% and 94% protection xespetively afr 6 months preservation in a refrigerator at 2-6?(the mortality of control mice ),4%), while the result at rcom enperatne showed very kod as 70% and 60% prottion respe±vely even only afrr one week kept at 22-31 ?(the mortality of control mice %%).

3.The HI antibcdies in vaccina small pigs apparently rise to as high as 320X at 14 and2l thysaftrvaainatioaAnothertestforgjltat2l days aftervaccination,ofSO dttesei, 1?gills (34%)showerllEAJX 13 gills (26%) 8OXandll gills (22%)
320X or higher.

4.A test of the cccurxence inhibition rate of viremia studied among small pigs which vaccinated with 2 to 6 ml. once or 2 times respeDtively, and then challenged with 0.5 ml of 50 times vaccination. The ketter result were obtained for vaccanate{ pigs than the unvaccinatei control pigs,

NOTE: The outhneofthis paper was read kefoxe the 196 Annual Meeting ofthe Taiwan Association of Animal Huskondry and Veterinary Medicine.


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