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Seminar 921

Date:2021-05-25 Update:2021-11-29

Quality control monitoring of general veterinary drugs

Chen Yu-Lin



Veterinary drugs have a long life-cycle. and the quality control monitoring of post-market veterinary drugs is one of the most important parts of this life-cycle within the quality assurance and control measure protocols for each product. Our quality control protocols are based on national veterinary drug inspection standards and we regularly conduct random quality control inspections within the veterinary pharmaceutical market that is focused on drug composition, quality and quantity. These inspection results will ensure veterinary drug quality and safety. The results of the post-market veterinary general pharmaceutical inspections from recent years, demonstrate that >71% of sampled drugs were domestic products, and >39% were drug solutions for injection. >95% of inspected drugs passed inspection while the product Penicillin G comprised most of the inspections that did not pass quality control standards.


Rabies Serological Testing of dogs and cats as part of international border control measures

Ai-Ping Hsu



Rabies is a highly fatal zoonotic disease that causes approximately 60,000 human deaths annually. Rabies management measures at international borders such as testing, quarantine and emergency vaccinations can effectively prevent this vital zoonosis. In 1993, the World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE) recommended the adoption of serological testing of rabies vaccinated animals in place of quarantine isolation measures. From 1993 to 2000, many international and national authorities began to follow these recommendations, and currently rabies serological testing has been the standard measure allowing for the safe international passage of dogs and cats. In this presentation, we will discuss the development of rabies serological testing and how it became the internationally recognized standard for international rabies management. Furthermore, we will introduce the rabies serological testing protocols at AHRI.

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