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Seminar 849

Date:2015-05-14 Update:2015-09-07


Seminar:  849



Ming-Chung Deng


The Efficacy of Commercial FMD Vaccines in pigs in Taiwan


Foot and mouth disease (FMD) is highly contagious disease of cloven-hoofed animal and cause severe economic loss in livestock industry. The disease has been controlled by vaccination since the first outbreak of FMD occured in Taiwan in1997. The selection of FMD vaccine strain is according to the vaccine matching test by the world reference laboratory for FMD, Pirbright Laboratory. Although the commonly used vaccine strains, O/Taiwan, O/Manisa and O1/Campos, have passed the matching tests, the applications in pigs are still needed to be evaluated. We applied three FMD vaccines of different strains in SPF pigs and commercial pigs to realuating the vaccine efficacy. Five heads of 8 weeks-old SPF pig and 12 weeks-old commercial pigs, respectively, were vaccinated with one FMD vaccine. Three FMD vaccines were evaluated. The neutralizing antibody titers and protection rates were compared among those three vaccines.



Tsung-wen Hsu


Research on occupational competency standard of Animal Health Managers


Since the globalization and economic trade exchanges, the causes of animal diseases become complicated and it increases the risk of introducing exotic diseases and impacts the domestic livestock industry. 
Livestock farms need assistance to establish their own health management and biosecurity controls to enhance their competitiveness. Due to the requirement of animal health management and disease control, we intend to build occupational competency standard of animal health managers to improve the quality of animal health management for domestic livestock farmers.
The study was summarized the research findings to collect task connotations of livestock farm health managers. In addition, through expert interviews and group discussions, we discovered the task contents of health managers and developed the manuscript of occupational competency standard for expert meetings. According to the manuscript of occupational competency standard and the expert meetings, we explored and modified its tasks and created the purpose of occupational competency standards to develop the knowledge of animal health managements, skills and attitudes. At the same time, we used questionnaires to survey the animal health managers and farmers to verify and correct the manuscript.

The results of this study may provide our Farmers’Academy to improve the training courses.





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