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Update Date: [2013-11-05]

NO.: 23

AHRI report No.23


Epidemiological Investigation of Corynebacterium pseudotuberculosis in Taiwan


Taiwan Animal Health Research Institute

Author Y.H. Yang;Y.S. Wu3.R. Shiau$J. LeC.C.Huang.J.Uaw$.H. LW.M. Chang$ .Y. Chin

Antigen for the kiagnosis of bovine leukcssis in irnmuncdiffusion tst was emwed from FLK cells which had thfezed with bovine leukemia virus. Serological suney of serum sample obinei from cows in 19 geographical regions of Taiwan was mma&in1987,S4oGoutof3lS8l wvtptthtvaiieifrom0%tt 40.74% in thffexent geographical regions with an average of 1731 %.

There were 9 xegionss in which the pEtthve ra were higherthan 20% suggesting that morbidity of the disease was increasing.

No evident was clemonstraei in any serum collexd from buffalo and der. However, 17 out of 2:128 go at serum samples were deteced pthtive.


bovine leukoGis ; idagnosis positttive rat