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Update Date: [2013-11-04]

NO.: 13

AHRI report No.13


Studies on the Production of Pseudorabies Vaccine for Swine:Investigation on the Pertinent Cell Line Cultures for Replication of the Isolated Viruses of N3 and T3 Strain 

Department 1.Taiwan Animal Health Research Institute
2.Joint Lornmission on Rinal Raonstruction.
Author K.F. Un 1; T,C Chiu 1; 5.5. Chengl ; Y.H. Liu2

Two isolates, N3 and T3 were cultivated in various cell cultures, and the infective ties of exta-cellular virus, intra-cellu)ar virus were determined in every other rericd of 5 days. From thc€e growth curves of the isolaal viruses, We have known the rtinent cell line cultures are PK-13 andESK. Virus titer reached 1O”7.O-7JTCIDSO,O.lmlat 12 to 24 hours tincti]atir*gin PK-13 cell line and 1&’7.0Z5 TCflJSO,0.lmlat 24 to 48 hours postinccu]ating in ESK cell line. Vinis titer reached around 10”6.3-6.? TCIDSO,O.lmlat24 to%hours pastnccWathgmPK-l5, MEEK, BK, MK2and KB cell lines.

The ethogenicity of the two isolates were weakened for rabbit after 20 subssages inPK-13 and ESK


Pseudorabies Vxcine N3 ; T3 ; pxtinccu]ating