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Update Date: [2013-11-05]

NO.: 14
Reportno. AHRI report No.14
Topic Studies on Bovine Viral Respiratory Diseases in Taiwan
Department 1 ,Taiwan Animal Health Research Iristitit
2.Fre University, Berlin
3,Veerinary Mdicine Deparimen National Taiwan University
Author M.H. Jongi tC Chin 1; Y,P. Lini P. Mwnme]2; Y.H. Chen

A large and whole island scale serological investigation to IBR, klenovirus Type?, P1-3 and BVD viruses for cows had keen aoornplished by using MicroSerunneutrdlization test. Approximately 5% of cows were exasnijl. Sn titer of 1:4 or higher to IBR, Adenovirus-?, P1-3, and BVD viruses were 28.2%, 94.8%, 84.3%, and 38.4% respectively.

Tremendous high percentage of anti IBR (918), antiPI-3 (1(X)) and antiMenovirus-7 (1(X)) anti&dy were detested in the cows raisM in Kaccshiung City. High percentages of antibody to Aclenovirus-? (1(0) and P1-3(1(0) were also found in the cows of Hwalien Prefecture but non to IBRandBVD in this area Serological investigation indicated rnccst of the cows in the island have keen inft1 by Menovirus and P1-3 virus but the contamination of BVD virus was not so serious as exfltion.

Keyword Bovine Viral Respiratory Diseases ; BVD viruses ; neutalition test