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Update Date: [2013-11-04]

NO.: 13

AHRI report No.13


Effect of the Chick's Immunity by Aflatoxin 

Department Taiwan Animal Health Research Institute
Author N.J. L.i*; CY. Lin; CS. Cheng; Y.L. Lee

Young male Leghorn Chicken were given feed Contang 0.5 ppm Aflaxin El and Aflnin free. both group were given N. D and Infectious Corya V&xination. The
N. D. Hltiter and Infectious C aHltiter of AflatoxinOntainal group were lower uininary than these of Aflatoxin group.

In spite of& same fe&ing management, battery disease was happened in Aflatoxin group while & conirol group were nothappenerl.


Aflatoxin; Chick's Immunity; Coryza